Definition: IPF – Item Protection Feature.
This feature allows the lenders to protect their listed stuff against any misuse or non-return of any item.

Users can opt for this while listing their items on the “rent my stuff” page. For this, the lender will be charged an additional 5% of total rent amount, and your item will be under the protection of The Blob!
Which ofcourse allows you to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Item Protection Feature

Nope, the IPF is only for the lenders.
As a borrower you are fully liable for any damage you cause to the item. This means it is your responsibility to have the funds available to replace the item if the worst case scenario happens and you entirely destroy, or lose the item. You will also need to pay for any damage you cause so make sure you have the funds available just in case.
The borrower is fully responsible for an item while in their possession. So if it gets stolen, broken, lost or confiscated during this time, they will have to bear the cost of rectifying the problem.

No, our IPF does not cover public liability.
This means; we do not cover any injury or damage that might happen to any person or their property as a repercussion of your item malfunctioning. We do not cover any costs that this malfunction may incur; including but not limited to legal costs, medical bills, loss of earnings of others, replacement or repair of damaged property.

We're sorry and it’s unfortunate to hear that something went wrong with your rental. Here is what you can do next:

  • Report the case to BorrowBlob within 24 hours of the end date of the rental.

  • Contact the borrower and see if you can resolve the matter amongst yourselves. Borrowers are liable for any damage they cause so it's often cheaper and quicker for them to just pay for the repair or replacement with you directly.

  • If a resolution cannot be achieved between yourselves, or if you would prefer not to communicate with the borrower, just let us know and we can step in. We will ask you to provide photos or a video of the item before it went on rent in working order, and once you've received it back showing the damage.

  • If the borrower denies causing any damage and it is unclear if the damage was their fault or not, then we may ask you to get the damage confirmed or diagnosed by a reputable third party repairer. Either way, as soon as we have established the damage was the borrowers fault (as opposed to a technical malfunction or older damage) then we will mediate and arrange for the costs from the borrower, if the borrower denies, we will compensate for it straight away.

  • If the item is irreparable we will get a replacement to you ASAP.

  • Please acknowledge that you might be required to report the case to the police if your item hasn't been returned for more than 48h in order to supply BorrowBlob with reports to pursue the case.

  • It's important to us that you feel comfortable and safe lending out your stuff on BorrowBlob so we do everything we can to protect you against any problems, and make this process as efficient and stress free as possible.

We're sorry to hear that your item has been returned late:

  • Please contact us as soon as possible - please report this through e-mail or over the phone.

  • As a lender, you are entitled to receive the late return fees, which as per our policy, will be calculated on a double rates. i.e. for each day, you should receive double the rental amount per day.

  • Whilst, we cannot guarantee the late return fees, we will ensure to pursue payment from the borrower on your behalf.

  • If you and the borrower are not able to find a common agreement, we'll proceed with a formal case. You will need to document a short written account of events from your perspective, attach any evidence to support your claims (e.g. photos/videos/screenshot of communication with the borrower), and also provide proof of purchase documentation for the equipment.

Make sure you do the following:

  • Take photos or a video of your item before it goes out on rent. These need to be timestamped so we recommend taking them on a smartphone where timestamps are automatically encrypted. Please note that timestamp has to be done maximum 24 hours before the start of the rental.

  • If your item has a core function you need a video of this working. Eg. if it’s a drone - a video of it flying. Or if it’s a mixer - a video of it in action where we can hear the sound. This way if there is no external damage but it stops working you can prove it was working immediately prior to the rental.

  • If your item is returned damaged you must notify us within 24 hours of the end date of the rental.

  • If it's a damage case, we may require you to get it assessed by the reputable independent 3rd party.  Make sure all items you give the borrower are mentioned in the listing. If they’re not in the listing, they’re not covered.

  • Make sure you can locate the proof of purchase for your items, these will be required for successful claims.

If you don't do any of these things, you won't be covered so please make sure you do!

  • The Borrower, once agrees to terms of use will also be agreeing to be legally liable to compensate for any repairs or replacements that would occur as result of misuse of the item.

  • As a safe practice, borrower should also take two sets of photos, at the time of receiving and at the time of returning for proof. Please make sure these photos are time stamped, they will be by default when taken by a mobile camera. If not, Borrowblob will hold the borrower liable for any damages reported after the rental period.

Each item you rent is covered up to its market value, provided that value is below Dhs. 10,000