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About Us

A platform that you can truly experience without doubts or guilt, and we count on that, since that's what we know is needed for you to move forward with the things you love or would love to have.

No more wishing or second guessing yourself, we let you Try things you see online for e.g. that IPad Pro you weren't sure about or that shimmery short dress you've been eyeing.

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Impulsive shopper?

Trust issues while shopping online?



(or maybe more like a patch)

What makes us


Our curators screen everything you see on STRABL. That means we ensure a unique experience and immaculately renewed and pre-loved products that are exclusively available with us only, we also have cool new stuff for you to Try out!

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Our Vision

Bringing that offline experience… online, and right into your living rooms!

Better choices,
Better deals

STRABL makes e-commerce safe and simple.






So, you save up to 60% on your favourite most wanted stuff and reduce wastage that ends up harming our dear Earth. The idea is to make online shopping more flexible, more convenient, affordable and a lot less scary!

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Our Story
No Solution, No Charge

The inspiration for STRABL sparked when our co-founders dug deep into their own experiences.
Experiences that all of us as consumers have faced specially while shopping online.
and ofcourse who doesn’t like a good bargain? but that always came with a price.
Not Anymore!

Knowing that there are better ways, STRABL began as a side-project to build a better, innovative solution for the way we experience online shopping.
Evolving e-commerce marketplaces specially for new, preloved, and renewed products.
We like to KISS (keep it simple silly), and that for us means... no solution, no charge!