About Us

Trying products before we buy online seems like a crazy idea doesn't it? Now what if you did not really want to purchase it but just use an item for a short time.

Most of us are afraid of online purchases for the very reason that we have no idea if the product will

  • Fit?
  • Work?
  • Be the same as its description?
  • They accept returns?

    Not anymore, with STRABL we aim to address those exact concerns. With us you get to Try the item before you Buy it, and if you are not sure about keeping it, you can just get it on rent and return it whenever you are done.

    STRABL is a tech based marketplace and SaaS platform that allows users to try the items they wish to buy or simply rent those items and also integrates with merchants who wish to get an edge over their competition while keeping their customers as the centre of attention and giving them exactly what they need.

    STRABL is the first of its kind platform in the MENA region, having convenience, flexibility, sustainability and innovation as its core principles while having a long term vision to transform the way we shop and interact with e-commerce online.

    Let's Strabl!