whats the deal with pre-loved electronics

What’s the deal with PRE-LOVED ELECTRONICS ?

For context, inflation is happening on a global scale and its impact has been thoroughly felt in many sectors including consumer electronics. With consumer electronics like laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles & household appliances becoming less affordable and even now having even lesser durability, the average joe is really being put under a lot of pressure. For now it’s unclear when this inflation will stop increasing market costs but you do not need to worry anymore about prices, because pre-loved (used), certified refurbished and open box products are taking over the market!

And for good reason,
We’re in a contemporary world, and we understand how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, whether it’s for work, school or just good ol’ entertainment, these devices compared to new devices such as laptops, mobile phones even a year old iPhone 13:

  • Perform the same
  • Look the same
  • Feel the same
  • Cost upto 50% less… yes upto 50% less

So the issue isn’t quality and it’s definitely not affordability, what it really is about, is TRUST (insert “trust issues” meme)
People don’t know if the device they order online is going to:

  • Work fine?
  • Have defects?
  • Have any performance issues?
  • Be the exact product that they ordered?

And that’s where STRABL comes in. With STRABL’s new Try Before You Buy solution, people get a chance to try out the device they ordered before they make a decision. It’s called, Try Now Buy Later (ingenious)

Whether you are getting a playstation for that new Modern Warfare or Hogwarts game or a laptop for your startup or school or maybe you have been doubtful but really wanted one of those VR Headsets to see if you’d like it.

It’s just like walking into a store and trying something out, tinkering with it and then making the purchase, now imagine that flexibility being offered for your online purchases. It removes any doubts that you may have about the device! That’s the future of shopping online, except for it’s happening now on STRABL and this not only helps people make a decision but also saves good money on expensive new devices which quite literally work the same as a pre-loved or a certified refurbished device. We call that a “win-win” scenario.

Next time you shop for something online, ask the platform if you can try it first, if the answer is no, then let us know. Because STRABL will let you do just that :)

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