Green Credential

We don’t have a policy, it’s just a belief.
We go green and no… not like the hulk or the grinch but a more environment friendly green. Our Blob is still blue though.

Renting is a sensible way to enjoy life, while reducing our impact on the planet, our home, for now. Every time you rent something, it’s a product which doesn’t get made, packaged, shipped and sold. Sure, we’re not scientists, but we’re quite certain this is a win for the environment.

Through this practice and this platform we aim to achieve maximum usability of any product manufactured, this helps you to save on cost and also helps you do your bit for the environment, it’s a Win-Win. And we are sure in some manner, maybe in our own little way we can help reduce the carbon footprint.

So yes, this is our humble initiative to help with the environment, if you have any suggestions on our initiative, we’d love to hear from ya!

Thank You!