New Age of E-Commerce

New Age of E-Commerce!!

Well let’s make a new year’s resolution of not being stuck with our faulty purchases online or the wrong dress,shoe,jacket size we got from some online marketplace.

I mean let’s take a step ahead from being broke and save some cash. Unless you don’t want to (let’s be honest and you can stop being modest >_<).

Behold! I represent the hack to you. Drum roll… It’s trying before you buy!

I mean it was evident before on the name of this blog so why the theatrics? Well, there is a reason. I am not speaking about your usual purchase and return, its like renting but with the added option of purchasing your rental.

Scope Of Renting or Trying Before You Buy

Trying something before buying is as old a concept as retail.

Imagine a time before the pandemic when we were all free to roam where ever we wanted and touch, feel and try things in the mall (aka window shopping). Well things have changed haven't they? and this is here to stay. We have all taken to buying things online and with every new change comes a new set of problems.


  • Did we get what we ordered?
  • How do i know if this thing works?
  • Will they take a return if there is an issue or will the seller just magically disappear?
  • Will they give me store credit and then I fight to get my cash back?
  • Etc, etc, etc...

Save through trying,

Trying saves, time, money and it also helps save the environment. How? Because you can buy refurbished, restored, repaired, pre-used items for a bargain and save it from going to a landfill.

It'll be much easier for people to sell their things and for brands to reuse the items they get as trade-ins. Now ofcourse renting is the backbone of this since you always have an option to return the item if you needed it for just a while or if it didn't work out. You don't get stuck with what you purchased and instead of committing a whole lot of cash upfront, you'd just spend a minor fraction of that to be sure of what you are intending to buy.

Become a stay-at-home-entrepreneur:

This brings me to my last point, renting through STRABL can re-kindle your entrepreneurial spirit by completely renting out your household. You will stop seeing everything as mere items but as an asset you can poses that you could potentially gain revenue from. Imagine you have a Tent, that you’ve bought it for 200 AED. If you charge a rental price of 25 AED per day, you easily reach break-even point within 8 rental days and if someone decides to buy it within a day or two of renting, then the item is off you and you can move on to the next thing, if it comes back then you still keep renting it out and can potentially make much more than its cost price.

So c’mon then what’s stopping you now?

- Zaid M. Kidwai